WINTHROP (CBS) – Somber visitors to Deer Island have been leaving flowers at the site where a four-year-old girl’s body was found on Thursday.

Investigators have yet to identify the young girl, but they have described her as being about 3 ½ feet tall, weighing 30 pounds, with brown eyes, and brown hair.

The girl’s autopsy was completed Friday. The cause of death remains under investigation.

Patricia Murphy, of Winthrop, has made the walk to the area many times but this time it was with a heavy heart.

“I grow roses in my yard and I have three beautiful roses,” she said, “And I just brought them down.”

“I don’t know how somebody can just (leave) a little baby (there) like trash…the poor little thing,” Murphy added. “…It’s heartbreaking.”

Many of the walkers on Saturday stopped at the rocky beach where the girl’s body was discovered near the edge of the water in a plastic bag.

“(It’s) very sad to think (about) something like this, especially when I have a granddaughter who is two years old,” said Winthrop resident Martin Vasquez. “They’re so beautiful. It’s a shame.”

Winthrop resident Ann Vasquez says “someone’s got to miss her.”

Everett resident Ken Jarvinen said it’s unfortunate to hear news like this.

“Oh, it’s very sad,” he says. “Any time you have a baby girl wash up on shore…It’s a very sad thing, and I hope they solve it…I mean they’ll find out.”


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