Bradley Jay: ‘Should Graphic Violent Videos Be Removed From The Internet?’

A lot of ugly things happen, and they always have. From man’s earliest atrocities to the recent ultra-violence visited upon us by ISIS, gruesome acts have stained our world. And now, technology enables us to see and hear most of it.
Here in the United States there is a presumption that, with few exceptions there is a freedom of speech and of the press; this is precisely this guarantee that defines us. But are there limits? Should social media sanitize their respective spheres and bar images of things such as beheadings?

Some say we need to understand the true evil pounding on the gates of decency, while others believe it is unhealthy to view this stuff, and that its internet presence may actually provide a motive for murder and mayhem.
Do think grisly images should be expunged from the net, or remain for all to experience?


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