BOSTON (CBS) – The number of calls to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol building are growing, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is among those who believe it’s time for the flag to come down.

Earlier this week, nine people were killed inside a Charleston, S.C., church when a gunman opened fire.

Flags at the South Carolina capitol building all flew at half-staff this week, with the exception of the Confederate flag, which remained at the top of its flag pole.

On Saturday, Romney said on Twitter that flying flag is insensitive.

An online petition was created this week asking to remove the flag from all government buildings, saying it is a symbol of “hate and division.”

The petition has more than 330,000 signatures.

In one Massachusetts town, the Confederate flag remains a source of controversy as well.

A resident next door to Walpole High School’s athletic fields hangs the flag.

The school, saying it cannot infringe on the man’s right to express himself, raises Walpole High School’s colors to block the resident’s Confederate flag during events at the field.

Several South Carolina lawmakers have said they plan to propose legislature to take the flag down.