BOSTON (CBS) — Technology is giving workers more options than ever when it comes to wasting time while on the clock.

In a new survey, employers discussed the most common workplace productivity killers, with cellphones and the internet being named the top two distractions.

And some of the other things employees have been caught doing at work are downright shocking.

“This one was a little risky – the employee was sleeping on the CEO’s couch,” Career Builder’s Jennifer Grasz told CBS Radio. “There was another employee that was caught drinking vodka while watching Netflix.”

And don’t think a trip to the restroom just to avoid work will go unnoticed.

“One employee was caught taking a sponge bath in the bathroom sink,” Grasz said. “Another employee was playing a video game on their cellphone while sitting in a bathroom stall.”

Other outrageous examples of wasting time include looking for a mail order bride, flying drones around the office and “printing pictures of animals, naming them after employees and hanging them in the work area.”

Here are Career Builder’s top productivity killers named by employers:

1. Cell phones/texting: 52 percent
2. The Internet: 44 percent
3. Gossip: 37 percent
4. Social media: 36 percent
5. Email: 31 percent
6. Co-workers dropping by: 27 percent
7. Meetings: 26 percent
8. Smoke breaks/snack breaks: 27 percent
9. Noisy co-workers: 17 percent
10. Sitting in a cubicle: 10 percent


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