BROCKTON (CBS) – Brockton Police are investigating a wild robbery at a convenience store Tuesday morning. Police say two men armed with an AK-47 burst into the store.

It was 10 o’clock in the morning, and the clerk, Rashel, says it was certainly the last thing he expected.

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“When they come in they shout, ‘don’t move!’ That’s it. ‘Don’t move, don’t call anybody,’” Rashel said.

The Two masked men entered Bud’s Variety with clear intent.

“I saw the two gunman – one is a big gun, one is a short gun. One man on the counter, one man at the door,” Rashel said.

Surveillance video shows one man pointing an AK-47 at the clerk.

“They’re saying, ’empty the register,’” Rashel said.

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Rashel handed over the money. At one point, the suspect put the weapon down so he can shove the cash in his pockets. He also demanded lottery tickets, the clerk’s cell phone and the landline.

In just a couple minutes, the suspects were gone.

Bud’s Variety has been at the corner of Warren and Nilsson forever. One family has owned it for 15 years.

They were also robbed just last week.

One of the two men who allegedly robbed the store was arrested after he tried to use stolen scratch tickets. That led police to a home in Brockton where they found the alleged getaway car, an AK-47 and another gun.

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Police say Luis Garcia, 23, was charged with two counts of illegal possession of a firearm but has not been charged in the robbery.