BOSTON (CBS) – Gov. Charlie Baker said he has not yet seen surveillance video that shows police shooting and killing terror suspect Usaamah Rahim, but added that the incident is a “tragedy for everybody.”

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Baker addressed the media for the first time since Rahim, who court documents show allegedly intended to behead police officers, was shot and killed by police and FBI agents outside a CVS in Roslindale on Tuesday.

“I think any time the folks in law enforcement engage in deadly force it’s unfortunate for them, unfortunate for the people who are involved across the board, and unfortunate for all the people who are involved in the incident,” Baker said during a press conference about new MBTA investments.

The governor said he expects to see the surveillance video of the incident at the same time it is released to the public.

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Baker added that showing the footage to civic leaders on Wednesday was the correct decision by police.

“I think the decision the Boston PD made and the FBI made to show the video that was available to community leaders and to do that relatively quickly after the incident, which is the same thing they did after the (Officer John) Moynihan shooting, was a very appropriate and I think sensible way to handle it,” said Baker.

During his press conference, Baker said the shooting death of Rahim impacts many people.

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“I will say in this particular case based on the information that I’m aware of, there had been a fair amount of surveillance going on here for a long period of time and enough to reach the point where they felt a certain concern about engaging with particular individual directly,” Baker said. “And I think the results of that engagement, as I said, were a tragedy for everybody.”