BOSTON (CBS) — While the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors get ready to battle for an NBA Championship, the other 28 teams have gotten a head start on bettering their club for next season.

With that comes plenty of rumors, and this offseason, the Celtics should be mentioned in just about every one of them — including a somewhat surprising rumor on Thursday.

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Many thought that as soon as Kelly Olynyk gave his shoulder a little tug and ended his season in the first round of the playoffs, Kevin Love would no longer consider the Celtics a potential landing spot as a free agent this summer. But according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, it sounds like we’re in for another Summer of Love in Boston.

“I think Boston will be interesting because [Brad] Stevens and Danny Ainge would be an interesting recruiting duo with him, to sell him how they’d use him there. I think Boston is a real, legitimate possibility,” Wojnarowski said during an appearance on Yahoo! Sports Radio.

Scott Zolak doesn’t want Kevin Love in a Celtics uniform, calling the forward “soft” and adding that he has no rim presence.

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Marc Bertrand disagrees.

“You are crazy,” Bertrand told Zolak. “If there is a guy who could use Kevin Love to the best of his abilities, would you have faith in Brad Stevens to be able to do that? I would.

“You are crazy to somehow say, ‘No, I don’t want him.’ You’re the Boston Celtics – you don’t get free agents,” noted Beetle. “You’re in a spot right now where you will take, with your resources and cap space, any real quality players. Kevin Love is a quality player. He may not be [among] the best like some people put him up there, but he’s a quality player that I would want on this team. Absolutely, without a doubt in my mind.

“If that level of free agent is willing to come to Boston…  yeah, I’m in,” he continued. “This happens NEVER. The fact he was even here for a day last summer was a small miracle… I’m taking Kevin Love, yes I am.

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“Danny Ainge, get to work,” concluded Bertrand.