BOSTON (CBS) – It was another “Would You Rather Wednesday” on the Game of Jones! 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones was given the following choices by Rich Keefe.

Play along below:

– Would You Rather have LeBron James or Stephen Curry in the NBA Finals and going forward?

“I would still rather have LeBron James. The guy drives me nuts, but he’s the best player on the planet. He is. It doesn’t mean he deserved to be MVP over Steph Curry this year, because Curry had the better year. I think it’s clear in the NBA Finals you want LeBron, and even for the next couple of years I’d want LeBron over Steph Curry,” said Jones. “When in doubt you want the guy that can physically dominate and overpower his opponent — Curry, as great as he is, just can’t do that. In that similar scenario, the only guy in the NBA I would take over LeBron James is Anthony Davis.”

– Would You Rather have Jonathan Toews or Henrik Lundqvist?

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(Getty Images)

“I want a guy who impacts the game more. I know Lundqvist is out there for the full 60 minutes, but Toews can help you out in all situations,” said Jones. “If you’re talking about guys out there leading your team on the ice from an emotional and statistical standpoint, it’s hard to do much better than Jonathan Toews in that league.”

– Would You Rather have Rusney Castillo or Mookie Betts?

“I would rather have Mookie Betts, and I like Castillo. I think [Castillo] can be a dynamic player, but so can Betts. My only criticism with Betts is that people have expectations way too out of whack for a player this young,” said Jones. “It’s reasonable to put big expectations on a 27-year-old [like Castillo], but lower the expectations just a little bit for a guy that is 21 or 22.”

– Would You Rather have Boston host the Olympics or the World Cup?

“World Cup. No questions asked. For the World Cup I actually sit there and watch every game. I would way rather have the World Cup. Summer Olympics? I skip out on way more than half the events. I’m not an Olympic hater, I will get into certain events, but I’ll sit there and watch the whole World Cup,” said Jones.

–  Would You Rather Anna Kendrick or Charlize Theron?

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(Getty Images)

“I would go Charlize Theron over Anna Kendrick,” said Jones.

“There’s no wrong answer there,” added Rich Keefe.

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