BOSTON (CBS) – Discount bus company Fung Wah was unable to reclaim its Boston location, likely meaning the company will go out of business, a spokesman said.

A spokesman for United States Transit Funding, Inc., the group that represents Fund Wah Bus Transportation, said the company was unable to secure a pickup and drop-off location in South Station after losing it because of regulatory action in March 2013.

Pei Lin Liang, president of Fung Wah, told Chinese-language newspaper The World Journal that not having Boston as a site for bus service likely would mean the end of the company’s operations.

In 2013, inspectors found multiple equipment and engine problems on Fung Wah buses. An I-Team report prompted federal officials to stop the company from operating.

The U.S. Transit Funding spokesman claims the company has discovered information through the Freedom of Information Act that “may shed light on the abuse of power and abuse of office leading to the targeting of Fung Wah Bus Transportation, Inc. since November 2014 and based on historical insight by state and federal regulators.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports


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