BOSTON (CBS) – Jurors took a site tour in the Edwin Alemany murder trial on Friday.

The jury was dismissed before 9:30 a.m. after the judge gave instructions on how they should conduct themselves while they are out on this field trip, tracing some of Amy Lord’s last steps with her alleged murderer.

Surveillance images show Lord at ATMs where Alemany allegedly forced her to drive and withdraw $960.

She would later be stabbed to death, and her SUV set on fire.

Alemany is accused of Lord’s murder and day one of testimony on Thursday was an emotional one.

Christina Kelleher, Lord’s co-worker and one of her close friends, was scheduled to meet Lord the day she was kidnapped and murdered. Lord never showed and Kelleher recalled hearing the news of her friend’s death.

Lord’s parents were tearful during Kelleher’s emotional testimony.

The judge says once the jury returns from the site tour, the court would recess so jurors can spend time with their families through the holiday.

Court will resume on Tuesday.


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