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BOSTON (CBS) – In the middle of the DeflateGate mess, Patriots players are protecting their star, as a team.

Defensive end Rob Ninkovich says, “We all support Tom I’ve been with him seven years now, we all support Tom.”

And that now includes the boss, team owner Robert Kraft making it clear he supports his guy.

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“I’ve known Tommy for 16 years, almost half his life, he’s always been honest with me and I trust him,” Kraft said in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

He blasted the Wells Report saying, “Every inference went against us, inferences from ambiguous, circumstantial evidence all went against us. That’s the thing that really bothers me.”

And it’s what his players wanted to hear. Wide receiver Julian Edelman tells WBZ they are all sticking together on this one, from the top down.

Edelman says, “It’s unbelievable, Mr. Kraft runs it like a family organization. I like to see everyone sticking together.”

At a ping pong fundraiser for Rob Ninkovich’s charity, players from all over New England are backing the Pats.

Patriots DE Rob Ninkovich (WBZ-TV)

Patriots DE Rob Ninkovich (WBZ-TV)

Bruins star Milan Lucic says when you win you are a target and Tom wins a lot. “Say what you want, he’s still one of, if not the best quarterback of all time, one of the best franchises in NFL history,” Lucic says.

Former Patriot Matt Light was not hiding his frustration over the scandal. He says none of it makes sense.

Matt Light says, “If you are a cheater, have you ever seen a cheater put as much time as Bill and his staff has put in day in and day out?”

What about the people who call Tom Brady a cheater? “You can say whatever you want in this world until you get punched in the mouth,” Light says.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones Listen To Matt Light’s Comments: 

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