CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — If you’re looking for a truly extraordinary sandwich, this place is serving some all stars.

At All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square Cambridge, brothers Kosta and Johnny Diamantopoulos are layering flavors, textures, and ingredients that transform the humble sandwich into a gourmet meal.

“I think the All Star Sandwich Bar is an experience. It’s a fun, hip, energetic, welcoming experience,” Diamantopoulos said.

The dining room is filled with bright colors, friendly servers and very satisfied customers.

The open kitchen serves as Chef Johnny’s workshop where he’s always experimenting, bringing food to delicious new heights.

“I love to cook because it gives me the chance to express myself and show people a little piece of my passion, Diamantopoulos said.

And that passion is evident in everything from a simple Reuben to an insane BBQ Cheddar Burger, to Kosta’s favorite, the Croque Monsieur.

“I was in the South of France recently and I had this sandwich every single day I was there. When I got home I immediately called my brother and said, ‘Johnny, this has to go on the menu.'”

But there’s one thing you won’t find on the menu at the All Star Sandwich Bar…

And that is a wrap.

“Wraps my friend are not sandwiches, and this is the All Star Sandwich Bar, and we only serve sandwiches,” Diamantopoulos said.

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