BOSTON (CBS) –  This time last week, the 243-page report into the under-inflation of footballs in the AFC Championship game was released by Ted Wells and his team of investigators.

One week later many questions remain about the validity of the report, and quite frankly Ted Wells is tired of hearing about it.

In a half hour conference call Tuesday afternoon, the high-powered attorney went on the defensive for those calling into question the integrity of his report on the Patriots and their role in the DeflateGate  scandal.

To put it in text form would do an injustice to just how ticked off and annoyed Wells was, so you’re better off listening to it in its entirety.


For reasons of transparency, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Scott Zolak and Marc Bertrand appreciate Wells coming out and addressing his work, but can’t help but feel like the lawyer, in a way, damaged his reputation and the credibility of the report.

“For a guy that’s supposed to be above it all, the guy that’s not supposed to choose one side or the other, for him to come down and be as combative as he was, I just didn’t feel like that was a good look for the NFL or for him,” said Bertrand.

“It made [Wells] look one-sided. It made him look unprofessional. I was on that call yesterday and I expected to hear a guy that was in complete control, but he was on the defense,” said Zolak.

“He was very defensive and sensitive,” added Beetle.

“From what Ted Wells did yesterday in that conference call and how he sounded, did that sound like a fair, impartial, unbiased, down-the-middle investigator?” asked Zolak.

“[Wells] looked and sounded terrible,” said Beetle.

Have you heard the audio of Wells on the conference call by now? Check out the audio below to hear some highlights and Zo & Beetle’s reaction.