BOSTON (CBS) – The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, and like years past, there are some pretty peculiar names for the race horses.

And after years of playing in a band and working at a radio station, Rich has compiled quite the collection of demo tapes from aspiring local artists — many of them he kept simply for comedy reasons.

On Friday morning, Rich dusted off some of those old tapes, scoured the internet and brought back an old classic: “Is It A Race Horse Or A Bad Local Band?”

Rich reveals a series of names and it’s up to Fred and Jon Wallach to figure out if it’s a race horse or a crappy local band.

Here are the names:

– Danzig Moon

– The Amazing Jonny

– Firing Line

– Bro. Leroy Upshaw

– American Pharoah

– Only In Michigan

Listen below and play along!

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