BOSTON (CBS) – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he thinks the final report on DeflateGate will be ready “soon.”

In an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning Tuesday, Goodell said independent lawyer Ted Wells is still looking into whether or not the New England Patriots tampered with footballs in the AFC Championship game on January 18.

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So when will the Wells report be ready?

“He has not been given a time frame.  I expect it will not be long,” Goodell said.

“We have a responsibility to the 32 teams, not just the one team, to 32 teams and our fans and the general public here to make sure that things were done fairly.”

Rose asked Goodell why is this process so difficult?

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“I think it’s hard because you want to make sure you have all the information,” the commissioner said.

“The question is, one of the things that (Wells) would be asked to look for – was it just one game?”

Rose then asked Goodell if there is suspicion that the alleged activity wasn’t confined to just one game.

“There’s no suspicion of anything.  What we’re trying to do is just make sure we’re thorough,” Goodell said.

“The most important thing here is was there a violation of the rules and, if so, how did that occur?”

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Wells was officially appointed to head the investigation on January 23 – 96 days ago.