HINGHAM (CBS) — A Randolph man is facing charges for allegedly photographing woman in a department store and violating the state’s “upskirting” law.

Police say Terrell Anthony Skerrette, 28, followed a 45-year-old woman into a Kohl’s in Hingham photographed her on his phone when she bent down.

Store staff called police to say a man was following female customers around the store and taking pictures of them, according to Hingham police. Officers at the store said they were able to use surveillance cameras to watch Skerrette follow a woman into the shoe section.

“At one point, he moved closer, got onto the ground to aim his phone at her buttocks, and took a photo,” police said.

Police said they then approached Skerrette, who said he knew about the “upskirting law” but didn’t think it applied to “simply photographing.” He insisted he didn’t take any photos and denied having a cell phone with him, but police then found a phone in the women’s clothing section.

Skerette is charged with unlawful sexual surveillance/photographing, annoying/accosting a person of the opposite sex, and disorderly conduct.

He’s set to be arraigned Tuesday in Hingham District Court.


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