The Adam Jones Show

BOSTON (CBS) – By now you’ve probably heard about what happened to ESPN reporter Britt McHenry. She made news on Thursday when a video of her berating a towing company employee surfaced online.

Warning: Graphic Language

ESPN has suspended her for one week, and McHenry has since apologized for what she called an “intense and stressful moment.”

As she acknowledged in her statement, McHenry said some pretty regrettable things. But people can also sympathize with somebody who just got their car towed, and perhaps no one understands her troubles more than 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Rich Keefe.

On Thursday night’s edition of Keefer Madness, Rich Keefe shares his own experience with a fast food worker from a local pizza establishment.

Keefe got ticked off when his pepperoni lovers pizza was not covered with enough pepperoni, and in the heat of the moment he really let the employee have it. Unfortunately for him, it was recorded and leaked online.

Listen below:


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