BOSTON (CBS) – After Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder, he reportedly told jail officers the jury got it wrong. That is according to Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson, who spoke with WBZ-TV Thursday.

Aaron Hernandez starts his prison stint at Cedar Junction, as the crow flies, less than a couple miles from Gillette Stadium, where he wore a different uniform.

“I imagine Mr. Hernandez will be a celebrity of sorts among prisoners,” says Leslie Walker who heads up the Prisoners’ Legal Service of Massachusetts.

“There’s not a lot to do in prison and if you’re lucky enough to have a television, people watch a lot of sports,” Walker says. “So he’ll be a hero of sorts, but I doubt very much so that the department will treat him any differently.”

Souza Baranowski prison cell (WBZ-TV)

Souza Baranowski prison cell (WBZ-TV)

Right away, Hernandez will have a psychological evaluation. Hodgson, the sheriff from the county jail Hernandez just left, says he has sociopathic tendencies tied to his father having died when he was a teenager.

“That was the person that kept him on the straight and narrow,” Hodgson said. “That’s the part of his father’s memory that he’s held on to and if you disrespect him I think in some respects you’re disrespecting his father who he was close to.”

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Within days, Hernandez will move to the Souza Baranowski correctional facility in Shirley, his home for the next two years.

“Most prisoners are locked in their cells 19 hours a day at Souza Baranowski,” Walker said. “He will be outside a maximum of three times a week. But it’s an all metal room, metal bunk, metal sink and toilet.”

His new home is a world away from life in North Attleboro and Gillette Stadium.

At least one aspect of life may improve for Hernandez. Since the time he was arrested nearly two years ago, he hasn’t been allowed to have direct contact with visitors. In state prisons, he’ll likely be able to touch or hug his relatives if they come to see him.

Christina Hager


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