BOSTON (CBS) – That was an amazing college basketball game between Kentucky and Wisconsin Saturday night, and despite some controversial calls and non-calls that went against both sides, Wisconsin won it fair and square.

But while Kentucky were big winners all year, going undefeated until Saturday night, a couple of their players turned out to be big time losers.

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It’s traditional in the tournament for the two teams to shake hands after a game. But two of the Wildcats who have eagerly participated in this custom after their tournament wins turned and walked right off the court after losing the big one.

One of the players who ignored this basic act of sportsmanship also appeared to toss a racial slur at one of the Wisconsin players during his postgame press conference, something he has since apologized for. But if there’s been an apology for blowing off the handshake, I can’t find it online, and to me, this is no minor oversight.

Since handshakes with the other team are also a routine part of youth sports, I have to assume these guys knew what was expected of them.

Or did their winning streak and the likely prospect of major paydays that await them when they turn pro this spring persuade them that they’re too big to bother with this simple show of courtesy and respect?

Whatever the reason, it’s an embarrassment.

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And to kids who are reading to this, some friendly advice – don’t be those guys.

They may have fame and, soon enough money. But in this regard, they lack class.

And the reason we value class is it reflects on an inner character that no amount of money can buy.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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