By Julie Loncich, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Critically injured Boston Police Officer John T. Moynihan underwent a six-hour surgery Sunday to remove the bullet lodged behind his right ear.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley visited the Moynihan family at Boston Medical Center shortly after the surgery.

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“They’re doing pretty well and the fact that he’s come through the surgery well was a great source of consolation to them all,” O’Malley told WBZ-TV. “We urge everyone in the community to keep John in their prayers.”

The 34-year-old Norwood native was shot in the face Friday evening on Humboldt Avenue in Roxbury. Boston Police say other officers shot and killed the suspected shooter, Angelo West, 41, of Hyde Park.

Moynihan was listed in stable and improving condition Sunday and is expected to be moved out of the Intensive Care Unit in the coming days, Boston police said.

At least 8 billboards across major roads have displayed messages of support for Moynihan.

I-93 south in Medford (photo credit: Clear Channel Outdoor)

I-93 in Medford (photo credit: Clear Channel Outdoor)

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In Moynihan’s hometown of Norwood, friends and strangers say they are hoping for a miracle.

“We’re all praying real hard right now for him to get out of that bed and we all know if anybody can get out of it, he will,” says family friend, Dan Friel.

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Friel says Moynihan’s mother and father, both now deceased, were so proud of their son.

“He’s everything that people are making him out to be,” says Friel.

Before serving two tours of duty in Iraq as an Army Ranger, Moynihan attended Norwood High School, where he was on the hockey team.

“John is what a lot of us should aspire to be,” says former coach, Peter Brown.

Brown says he’ll never forget telling the then teenager he was on the third or fourth line and likely wouldn’t see much ice time.

“John thought about it and came back the next day and was what every coach dreams of – giving his best to be part of a team without the glory, without the accolades. . . I have a tremendous capacity to be wrong and in this case, John proved me wrong.” says Brown.

Brown says Moynihan went on become a valuable contributor to the team by the end of the season.

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“It was just one of the real great stories of my coaching experience,” says Brown.