BOSTON (CBS) – Adam Jones had a full show on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Tuesday night, so there was plenty of time for him and Rich Keefe to play a little “Game of Jones.”

Tuesday night is Over/Under night; play along with Adam and Rich:

– Playoff wins for Boston Bruins: 1.5 wins

“I’m going to go over. I think they get in, I still do. Here is the thing, Ottawa cannot stay this hot – it’s impossible. At some point [goaltender Andrew] Hammond is going to start falling apart. Maybe we’re talking about things fall apart for them in the postseason, but I still think [the Bruins] get in and I think they can win a game or two.

“I don’t know if I expect them, at this point, to do any damage – go on a run or win a round – but if they get in I expect them to win a game or two, even if it’s Montreal.”

– Playoff games for the Celtics: 4.5 wins

“That one I’m going to say under, because they could make it and get swept. They might not make it, they might not win a game if they make it, so I just feel like I’m getting a few different results there.

“Maybe they get in, but I’m not sure they win any games.”

– Games played by Shane Victorino: 120 games

“Oh please, under. For the Red Sox or period — it’s probably under either way? There’s no way. Maybe to start the year [the Red Sox] will stomach Rusney Castillo in Triple A, but there is no way Shane Victorino is [a starting outfielder for the Red Sox by the end of the year.]”

– No. 1 seeds who make it to Final Four: 1.5

“I’ll say over. I just think Kentucky-Duke is such a no-brainer for the final.”

– Points Jones will score against Globetrotters Saturday night: 2.5

“All I have to do is knock down a four… I will definitely score under 2.5 points. This is just me being honest. I’m not getting one point. Do you think I’m getting more than a layup?”


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