BOSTON (CBS) – The Tsarnaev brothers left behind a mountain of evidence in the aftermath of their firefight with Watertown police.

On Laurel Street, they abandoned three backpacks, full of physical and digital evidence that prosecutors are now using in their capital case against younger brother Dzhohkar.

A crudely-assembled remote control transmitter was found in one of the three of the backpacks.

On Thursday, an FBI agent testified that the transmitter can be used from a distance, but prosecutors didn’t come right out and ask if in fact it played a role in any of the bombings.

Also inside the backpack was a strange mix of paperwork, including Tamerlan’s high school diploma from Cambridge Rindge and Latin as well as a Russian-language document featuring a bearded photo of the older brother.

Special Agent Brian Corcoran later described for jurors the extent of the damage caused by the various devices thrown that night.

He showed them photos of a pressure cooker bomb that was embedded into the car of a resident, nearly identical, agent Corcoran explained, to the pressure cookers from the marathon finish line.

Debris from the Watertown pressure cooker and from pipe bombs crashed into houses down the street and landed on roofs and in yards up to a block away.

The pressure cooker’s lid landed in a hockey goal in someone’s back yard. Jurors saw what’s left of that pressure cooker, along with fragments of the pipe bombs, in court on Thursday.

Also in those abandoned backpack were computers, a thumb drive, and other electronics.

Another FBI analyst, special agent Kevin Swindon, told jurors how Dzhokhar’s electronics, including his laptop and his home computer, were were full of jihadist and anti-American literature and videos.

Jurors heard that there was similar music on his CDs even his iPods.

Years’ worth of one Al-Qaeda sponsored magazine, Inspire, were downloaded on various digital devices.

Jurors saw one article, with detailed instructions and photographs on how “to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom.”

But Swindon admitted it is impossible to say who actually downloaded such material since Tsarnaev’s computers were likely used by several people.


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