BOSTON (CBS) – Often times we do the paper shuffle so frequently that we lose some of our important papers. I heard from a listener that keeps things in piles and systematically throws out the stuff on the bottom of the piles. Not sure that’s a really good or efficient method for filing your stuff. But it works for her!

I have learned over the years that it is often your insurance papers that we tend to misplace or worse, toss. Maybe because they don’t often need our immediate attention we set them aside.

And there are those of you who keep everything that comes into your home. So I would suggest it’s time to spring clean the insurance files. Gather up all of the insurance policies you have. Sort by type of insurance first.

For example, homeowners, renters, health, auto, life. Then check to see how many are outdated. You do not need your auto insurance policy from last year unless you had an accident and may still have a claim or are fighting the points. Nor that health insurance policy from your last job.

If you have insurance through your employer get copies of the policies for your home file. If something should happen to you, your family can easily find the important insurance policies if they are all in one place. If they are stored at work, your family may not have access to them or your work computer.

Once everything is organized take the time to review the policies. What do you really need? Why did you buy the insurance? We are often sold insurance by a sales person using a scare tactic.

Bad things do happen to us and we do need to protect the people we love but there is a need to be practical here as well. So if you are buying insurance take the time to compare prices.

I just got a letter from an insurance company telling me that because I drive a Volvo they will give me a discount on my car and homeowners insurance.


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