By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

FALL RIVER, Mass. (CBS) — Aaron Hernandez may have had a beef with the man he’s accused of murdering. That is, according to a witness who saw him with Odin Lloyd at a nightclub two days before the murder.

“Seemed like something was up. He was angry about something,” said Kwami Nicholas, who was there with a group of Lloyd’s friends from his Dorchester neighborhood.

He said he saw Hernandez staring Lloyd down before he left.

“I observed Aaron Hernandez storm out of the club,” said Nicholas. “He’s walking aggressively.”

Surveillance shows Hernandez waving his arm down as he walked out of the club. It later sows Lloyd on the street outside the club throwing his hands up, as if in animated conversation, while Hernandez and friends are nearby.

Witnesses say Hernandez didn’t mingle with Lloyd’s fiends, but in Nicholas’ witness interview with police, it was clear he’s a football fan.

“Did you know what Aaron Hernandez looked like prior to that date,” asked an officer in the recorded interview.

“I’m a Patriots fan,” answered Nicholas. “Well I have to ask. some people say I have no idea.”

Also on the stand Tuesday, a consultant with Nike, who pointed out Retro Air Jordan 11 sneakers in a picture of Hernandez’s closet. He also identified the same shoes in surveillance before and after the murder. Police never took them from the Hernandez home during their initial search, but they did spot them in a photo taken during the search. When they went back to get them, prosecutors say the shoes were gone. Investigators found matching shoe prints at the crime scene.

Jurors got a close-up view of what the sneakers look like. They are limited edition, released a little more than a week before the murder.

Christina Hager


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