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BOSTON (CBS) – What is that in Aaron Hernandez’s hand minutes after the murder of Odin Lloyd? Is it the murder weapon? Is it a toy gun? Is it an iPad? His defense attorneys raised questions about Glock employee Kyle Aspinwall’s testimony that the item in the surveillance picture looks like a .45 caliber pistol. Defense attorney James Sultan asked, “You don’t have any supernatural powers of vision, do you?”

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The defense showed an advertisement for a pellet gun selling for less than $12.00. They brought one into the courtroom, mimicking the reverse-grip Aspinwall said Hernandez used in the video. Sultan asked, “You would never hold a real gun like this…but it wouldn’t be dangerous to hold a fake gun like this, would it?”

Home surveillance image of Aaron Hernandez (WBZ-TV)

Home surveillance image of Aaron Hernandez (WBZ-TV)

He also showed still-frames from the same surveillance with Hernandez holding something glowing, like an electronic device. “Glock pistols don’t have white glows to them do they sir?” “No they do not.”

Prosecutor Patrick Bomberg responded with his own sarcastic question. “Are you aware of anybody going pellet gun shooting at 3:30 in the morning?” “No.” He gave the defense’s fake gun to Aspinwall and had him smell it where attorneys had the orange tip painted black. He even asked Aspinwall to insert a real Glock magazine into the fake gun. “It will not fit,” said Aspinwall.

Bomberg also revealed a never-been-seen-before “to do” list from Hernandez’s Blackberry. Among the reminders about cleats, gloves, and film, a mysterious line says “send rounds”.

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