BOSTON (CBS) — Fenway park was not immune to the record amount of snowfall this season. But groundskeeper David Mellor has a trick of the trade that has helped make it easier for crews to tackle the snow.

His weapon of choice: Black sand.

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“Many people have contacted me recently asking options of how to remove snow off of a sports field and/or how we remove the snow at Fenway,” Mellor wrote on Instagram. 

Snow buildup on sports fields across the state has forced schools to delay the start of the spring sports season. Just taking a front loader or shovel to the field could potentially ruin the grass underneath the snow.

Mellor said a more “grass-friendly option” is to throw black sand on top of the snow with a shovel.

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“The black sand absorbs heat from the sun and even if the temperature is below 32 degrees,” said Mellor.

An estimated 2 tons of black sand was thrown on top of the snow on the Fenway park field last week which helped to get rid of 2 feet of snow. On Saturday, more black sand was added to melt the remainder of the snow, Mellor said.

Red Sox Opening Day is April 13.


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