BOSTON (CBS) – Testimony in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez focused Tuesday on whether the former Patriots tight end tampered with his own in-home surveillance the day after his friend Odin Lloyd was shot and killed.

A member of his cleaning staff took the stand Tuesday, saying she remembers him getting in the way of her cleaning that day.

“His house is enormous and we didn’t want to become delayed in finishing our work that day,” said Glaucia Santos, a fourth maid to testify so far in the case.

Santos was in the basement when the maid said she saw Hernandez in the room he called his “man cave.” She said he was touching a small camera just above a large television set.

“He was using his hands for 3 to 5 minutes up on that camera,” said Glaucia through an interpreter.

Aaron Hernandez follows along with testimony on March 3. (WBZ-TV)

Aaron Hernandez follows along with testimony on March 3. (WBZ-TV)

Prosecutors say by then he had already disconnected the camera feed from that part of the house, and had deleted texts he exchanged with Lloyd. Investigators were able to get those messages from Lloyd’s cellphone found in his pocket at the crime scene.

The texts show Hernandez texting Lloyd five days before the murder. “U do that?” Lloyd answers, “Be all done tomorrow.”

Then four days before the murder Lloyd texts, “come a little later late day,” and, “We good.”

Less than seven hours before the murder, Hernandez continued his texts to Lloyd: “I’m coming to grab that tonight.”

Also Tuesday, defense attorneys filed a motion asking the judge to bar any evidence having to do with an unrelated shooting Hernandez is accused in.

Alexander Bradley was shot in the face four months before Lloyd’s murder.

Defense attorneys argue that “Hernandez is not on trial for his lifestyle.”

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