FALL RIVER (CBS) – The total bar tab was $273.45, including 11 shots of Hennessey cognac, 10 “sex on the beach” shots, seven beers, and a couple shots of vodka.

It was hours before Hernandez’s friend Odin Lloyd was murdered.

The bar manager says Aaron Hernandez, then a star tight-end for the Patriots, smoked marijuana outside the restaurant.

“I asked them to put it out because other customers could smell it, and they did,” said Kelly Rose Belanger.

Hernandez picked up the tab after the Father’s Day celebration, and headed home with his fiancee.

A couple hours later, he turned up on surveillance video at a Boston gas station, looking as if he was feeling no pain.

Jurors watched in court Thursday, as Hernandez gassed up his rental car, then strolled into the store, breaking into a sort of dance with his hands in the air.

Alleged accomplice Carlos Ortiz is also seen in the video with a white towel over his shoulder. Police have testified they found a white towel near Lloyd’s body.

The surveillance shows Hernandez scanning the candy aisle inside the store, choosing the kind of blue bubble gum they later found stuck to a bullet casing in trash from Hernandez’s rental car.

Less than an hour and a half after the gas station dance was recorded, Lloyd was shot to death.

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