By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BARNSTABLE (CBS) – Every day 58-year-old John Finn takes a long walk down his driveway with the hopes of getting his mail, but for the past five days his mailbox was empty.

“When you go there four times and the mail is not there day after day you give up. You really give up,” Finn said.

His neighbors feel the same.

“There’s nothing wrong with the road and my mailbox is all plowed out and clean,” neighbor Dick Mell said.

Finn said no one on Long Pond Road in Marstons Mills has been getting their mail.

Finn, who is on multiple medications, depends on his mail to be delivered. But recent snowstorms left his mailbox empty.

“It’s very frustrating and I can’t do anything about it,” Finn said.

Because of the lack of deliveries, residents have to go to the post office and pick it up.

U.S Postal Service spokesperson George Flood said this winter has created quite a challenge for mail carriers.

“Today our carriers are out there on the road delivering mail to 100 percent of routes in the greater Boston area,” Flood said.

Thanks to Finn’s persistence, 25 pieces of mail and a bag of medicine were finally delivered to his home late Friday afternoon.

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