BOSTON (CBS) – Everyone enjoys the color analysis of Cedric Maxwell on the Boston Celtics broadcasts, heard right here on 98.5 The Sports Hub.

He has a ton of personality, and his call of the game is loaded with non sequiturs and other zany qualities.

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Another eccentric person with an outgoing personality is KISS guitarist Paul Stanley.

Toucher & Rich have joked in the past that some of Maxwell’s calls sound like something Paul Stanley would yell to the crowd onstage. And in their final day before going on vacation, T&R finally did the bit they’ve talked about for a long time.

Is It Paul Stanley Or Cedric Maxwell?

Rich reads a quote, and it’s up to Fred and Jon Wallach to decide if it’s from the Star Child or Cornbread.

Here are the quotes:

1. “How many of you people know what I’m talking about when I go ‘UH!'”

2. “Somebody get me a napkin so I can wipe my mouth!”

3. “Bang! Bang! Bang! Splash!”

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4. “Sonic boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

5. “You get behind that big booty, and you’ve got some room!”

6. “Clean up aisle 2! Ketchup all exploded!”

7. “I know this is not the dairy state, but you grow ’em big here!”

8. “Bane-o-meter! Bane-o-mite!”

9. “Sometimes people say, ‘Why do you write songs about women taking off their clothes?'”

10. “Oooh, give me a sandwich somebody!”

So who is it? Paul Stanley or Cedric Maxwell?

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