BOSTON (CBS) — The record amount of snowfall this month with no signs of ending has left many homeowners scrambling to prevent weather-related damage to parts of the home.

Roofs, windows and basements are among the most vulnerable areas of the home during and after a snow storm, but there are ways to prevent weather-related damage, according to Massachusetts’ Office of Consumer Affairs and the Division of Insurance. 

Before a snow storm, move all transportable items such as grills and patio furniture indoors, trim weak branches that are close to the home, and stock up on rock salt and other items to help melt the snow.

At this point, since the snow is already piling on, your best bet may be to keep on top of snow removal from the most vulnerable areas of the home.

If you experience weather-related damages, first check your insurance policy to see whether you’re covered for repairs. Contact your insurance company as soon as you notice the damage and don’t attempt any repairs until it’s safe to do so, according to the agency.

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