BOSTON (CBS) – I thought it was time again to do a week on being a cheap cupid. Certainly more fun than tax preparation which is what I had originally planned for this week.

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Valentine’s Day is Saturday the 14th! And if you are thinking of going out to dinner it may already be too late to make a reservation. Try Friday or Sunday or make it Valentine week.

The Valentine candy, cards and decorations have been in the stores since the day after Christmas. There are ads everywhere, on the TV, radio and the Internet and many of them wanting you to splurge on big-ticket items like diamonds!

Many folks out there profusely proclaim a dislike for this holiday. And I do understand why. Valentine’s Day once upon a time was a very simple holiday.

Crammed between Christmas and Easter all that was expected was a card and perhaps a small gift for the person you fell in love with. Not anymore. Retailers and the card industry have seen fit to create a major holiday with lots of spending.

And it is not just for your one true love; your kids, little sister, grandmother, your mom, dad, the dog, the cat, the next-door neighbor, the in-laws, your best friend and every kid in the third grade gets a card. I’m surprised the card industry hasn’t found a way to include your ex and the UPS guy.

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Valentine’s Day spending is expected to be over $19 billion. According to the National Retail Federation, the average consumer will spend $142 on Valentine’s Day this year.

Men spend more money on gifts than women by almost 2 to 1. Maybe they are just trying to make up for that flat screen TV they bought to watch the Super Bowl.

You can give your love freely but most Valentine gifts do cost money. I think Valentine’s Day should be a fun day to celebrate love without a huge price tag, especially if you are still paying off Christmas gifts.


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