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BOSTON (CBS) – According to Pats Pulpit, over the last three years Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich ranks in the top 25 in sacks, has played more snaps than any other defensive lineman during that time and he also played every snap of Super Bowl XLIX.

The Patriots iron man joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich show Thursday morning, and he still can’t believe what his team just accomplished.

“Oh man. It’s been just an amazing experience. I still wake up and just kind of pinch myself like, ‘Wow this is real.’ It’s been awesome. The parade yesterday, and all the support, the fans were just amazing. We all had a great time. I think my headache is finally going away,” Ninkovich said in laughter. “I’m feeling somewhat normal right now. It’s been a great, great experience. I’m just so happy we were able to bring it home.”

Ninkovich talked about his NFL journey, and how injuries kept him from making rosters early in his career. When he got to New England, Bill Belichick gave him an opportunity to prove himself, and now, going on his seventh season with the team, his hard work has finally resulted in a Lombardi Trophy.

“Being a Super Bowl champion, that’s what it’s all about,” Ninkovich told T&R. “That’s what all the hard work is for.”

Ninkovich also spoke in depth about the game, including the final Seahawks drive, and the craziness that was the parade yesterday, like Julian Edelman going wild on top of the duck boat.

“My goodness. [Edelman] was surfing up there. I had to jump on the mic at some point after that, and I did a little shout out to the fans thanking everybody, and then I had to tell Jules to be careful up there,” Ninkovich explained.

“At one point there was a stop light that was heading right for him. He was doing some type of handstand or back flip, and that thing was heading right for him, and at the last second he saw it and moved. I was just like, ‘Jeez, don’t get knocked off this thing.'”

Rob Ninkovich doesn’t want the celebration to end though. He wants to hang out with you and three of your friends at Saturday night’s Bruins game. For more information please visit!

Listen below for the full interview!

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