BOSTON (CBS) – 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger & Massarotti program sat down with NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders Thursday afternoon on Radio Row in Phoenix, as part of their continuing coverage of Super Bowl XLIX.

Debating whether Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis or Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is a better player is a fun sports radio topic, but rarely do you get the chance to pose that question to one of — he would say the best — to ever play the position.

Last year when Felger & Mazz caught up with Sanders on Radio Row, the two-time Super Bowl champion took points off of Sherman because he only plays one side of the field.

Sanders clarified his position in Phoenix.

“Richard Sherman is one of the best. I mean, he’s one of the best in the game. He makes plays consistently, and it just so happens their scheme does not predicate that he goes right or left corner, or in the slot. He plays what their defense tells them to do, and he does a great job of it. I really like this kid. Not only is he a good corner, but he’s a very knowledgeable corner. He knows the game.”

“Who would you take? [Sherman] or Revis?” Felger asked.

“I’m not gonna say. I’d take both of them. How about that?” said Primetime. “I pick on Sundays on NFL Network. I don’t pick right now. It’s too premature.”

It’s not premature for us, so here’s a poll:

There’s a lot of uncertainty regarding Darrelle Revis’ contract and whether he’ll be wearing a Patriots uniform next season.

Revis signed a two-year deal with the Patriots last March, with the second year added to help soften the blow and make the 2014 cap figure more tolerable.

Revis earned $12 million for the 2014 season ($7 million cap hit), but the second year is when things get tricky. It’s a team option that must be picked up before the end of the 2014 league year, and will pay Revis $20 million for 2015 with a cap hit of $25 million. (Confused? You can read the full contract breakdown here)

It’s clear where Sanders stands on Revis’ situation.

“Why not [pick up his contract]? It’s not like any team is broke. You pay your quarterback, why can’t you pay the corner? I don’t care what you pay the quarterback, if you don’t have a corner you’re not gonna win,” Sanders told Felger & Mazz.

When asked if cornerbacks are undervalued, Sanders had another interesting take.

“The quickest way to get to the endzone is to throw a pass, last time I checked. That’s the quickest way. So the quickest way to unarm someone from getting to the endzone is to stop the quarterback from throwing the pass. Either you have a $15 million pass rusher or a $15 million corner — take your pick.”

Listen below for Felger & Mazz’s full interview with Deion Sanders, where he gives his keys to the game and much more:

Tune in to Super Bowl XLIX on 98.5 The Sports Hub — the flagship station of the New England Patriots. It’s the only place to hear Bob Socci & Scott Zolak’s local call of the game!

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