BOSTON (CBS) – As the drama over DeflateGate inevitably picks up steam from sports personalities and Twitter users alike, one major question on everyone’s minds: what is the end result for the Patriots?

Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak spoke this morning on 98.5 The Sports Hub about a fair penalty for the Patriots and prevention techniques for the NFL, which began and now ended its season with scandals.

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“They got turned in, there’s evidence, deal with the penalty and move on,” said Gresh.

The radio duo listened to a clip of Jason Cole of Bleacher Report who said he’d spoken with NFL coaches about football specs, and while coaches say altering footballs to the quarterback’s liking is commonplace, the Patriots should still lose a third or fourth round pick.

Former pro quarterback Matt Leinart, now football analyst, said every quarterback ‘doctors’ balls a little bit whether it be inflating, deflating, or breaking them in to some capacity.

Super Bowl winning quarterback Brad Johnson also admitted years ago he paid off personnel to rough up 100 footballs for Super Bowl XXXVII against the Oakland Raiders. A loss of a draft pick would be a significant shortcoming for the Pats, who lost a first round pick and were fined $500,000 in 2007 for spying on opponents’ signal calling.

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The NFL has received criticism for not paying a full-time salary to positions such as ball boys and a designated replay official — both areas that have sparked controversy in the 2014 Playoffs.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a draft pick, and if it were a fourth rounder, the Patriots can give up theirs and keep Tampa Bay’s and they’ll be okay,” said Gresh.

The Pats acquired a fourth round pick in 2015 and TE Tim Wright for guard Logan Mankins in the offseason.

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