By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) –  The NFL says it’s investigating into whether or not the Patriots tampered with the footballs during Sunday’s rout of the hapless Indianapolis Colts.

I’m predicting they won’t find any wrongdoing.

Scott Zolak, the Pats’ radio analyst on 98.5 The Sports Hub and a former NFL quarterback, has pointed out that you get better control of the ball as a passer or kicker if it is properly inflated, not deflated.

But that isn’t stopping disgruntled Patriots haters from spewing their bile on social media, a phenomenon we’ve become all too familiar with.

Just nine days ago we were treated to the sorry sight of Ravens Coach John Harbaugh wimpering about Coach Bill Belichick’s alleged trickery, which it turned out amounted to superior knowledge of the rules.

It would be nice to dismiss all this as just sore-loser talk. But it appears to go deeper than that.

Dr. Myra White, a clinical lecturer on psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, told me she saw in episodes like this a fading away of the idea of losing graciously, increasingly replaced by “a culture of win any way you can, and part of that is to attack your opponent.”

By doing so, she says, “you’re able to deflect responsibility and explain away why you haven’t been successful.”

Without taking any real responsibility, of course.

Just like in politics, where the losers these days always claim the winners must have doctored the football.

It’s a bad attitude, selfish, lazy and immature.

How much longer before it picks up another name – the American Way?

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Jon Keller

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