By David Robichaud, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Fawn Heart Cronin is a personal trainer who lives to make her clients stronger.

After having her third child, she found it was too difficult to haul the kids, and all their gear, to clients’ homes to train them.

So she had to get creative.

Her idea?

Train them via Skype.

Now Cronin conducts her workouts laptop-to-laptop. Instead of holding most of her sessions in her home work space, she trains via cyberspace.

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She works exclusively with female clients, mostly working mothers.

“It allows me to get a lot more done,” one of Cronin’s clients told WBZ-TV.

“I just pop down to the basement. A lot of times I don’t have time to get out of the house and go to the gym.”

Fawn Heart Cronin training a client online. (WBZ-TV)

Fawn Heart Cronin training a client online. (WBZ-TV)

Cronin’s clients are inspired by some “before and after” photos she posted of herself on her website.

One shows Fawn, with a big belly, just after delivering her third child. The next photo shows Fawn, 17 weeks later, with ripped abs.

Cronin specializes in pre-natal and post-natal conditioning for women.

One client told us she feels more of a connection working with Cronin because, “she knows about being pregnant and what your body goes through.”

For more information, you can visit Cronin’s website.


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