BOSTON (CBS) – I guess the saying is true: old rivalries never die.

After years of battling for conference supremacy in the East and the title for best big man, frustration boiled over between Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard Monday night in Brooklyn early in the Nets’ contest with the visiting Houston Rockets.

Garnett and Howard were battling for position down low, and KG was called for a personal foul while defending an entry pass to Howard.

A brief shoving match ensued, and within seconds Garnett just lost his temper and fired the basketball at Howard’s back. The two went nose-to-nose, upon which Garnett used his cranium as a weapon and delivered a blow to Howard’s head.

Howard threw a punch, and players from both teams restrained the two combatants. Howard was assessed a technical foul, and Garnett was thrown out of the game altogether.

Even in old age, Kevin Garnett is still KG.

Watch below:


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