BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots are on to the AFC Championship and will host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

But before we move ahead, let’s look back at Saturday’s amazing comeback win against the Ravens in the AFC Divisional Round.

On Tuesday, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Mike Felger moderated a segment in which The MMQB’s Greg Bedard and Tony Massarotti give their three best and three worst Patriots players from the game.

Greg Bedard has looked at the tape, he’s analyzed it, and on Tuesday afternoon he shared his findings.

Bedard’s 3 Ups

1 and 1A. Rob Gronkowski and Brandon LaFell

“Both were just terrific in this game. Gronk made a bunch of catches in traffic and did his thing. I’ve said this before, the more you watch Brandon LaFell the more you’re impressed by him and the little things he does. On the Danny Amendola touchdown, if he doesn’t hold that block down field, Amendola doesn’t get in. He does that on almost every play. Even if he’s not in the passing game, he factors in for this team. It’s so impressive to watch. I have a great appreciate for what both those guys did in that game; to me, they were the engine that drove the bus.”

2. Tom Brady

“I’m not going to discount that he gave [the Ravens] seven points. The end of the first half sequence, you could argue it was a 10-point swing. The Patriots shouldn’t have given the Ravens the ball back, whether they got points or not. They did, the Ravens scored a touchdown and they were in a hole.”

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3. Chandler Jones

“I don’t think people will agree with this. I thought he was outstanding, and I don’t understand what game people were watching when they say there was no pressure on [Joe Flacco] I had (Jones), in the first half alone for six QB pressures, and 10 pressures in the game.”

Bedard’s 2 Downs

1. Sealver Siliga

“He got run over in the run game. They ran right over him.”

2. Ryan Wendell

“I had him giving up five pressures in the game. He had a very tough assignment [in Haloti Ngata], and you have to factor that in. Wendell is like half his size. Considering the mismatch he did an OK job, but there were some plays he whiffed on.”

Mazz’s 3 Ups

1. Tom Brady

“When the game was on the line, the season was on the line, they put the ball in the hands of the quarterback. They said make the right decisions, deliver the throws and get us there, and he delivered at the critical time.”

2. Julian Edelman

“You take him for granted sometimes. He had some drops in the middle of the year, but even the punt returns in this game [were big] and he threw a perfect pass on that touchdown… He was a critical weapon in this game.”

3. Danny Amendola

“The 51-yard touchdown catch was one thing, he was wide open. But the other touchdown, that is one of the best plays he’s made as a member of the patriots. To stay in bounds and dive into the end zone, Amendola was reliable in this game.”

Mazz’s 3 Downs

1. Patriots Defensive Line

“They sucked in this game. They were awful, and I know Wilfork got double teamed, but he was on the ground constantly. I thought they were all terrible, the whole defensive line.”

2. Darrelle Revis

“He shouldn’t be losing to Steve Smith like he lost… He got smoked on the touchdown, the PI I wouldn’t have called but they did, and the holding was holding. That’s three negative plays. That’s a lot.”

3. Brandon Browner

“He sucked too. He ran into Torrey Smith and if felt like they were picking on him. [The Patriots] were better when he was off the field.”

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