By Jim Smith

HOLBROOK (CBS) – Many thought the days of two dollars for a gallon of gas were long gone, but amazingly, they have returned.

And in one spot in Holbrook, two competing gas stations may be headed under two dollars. WBZ-TV first reported on the Holbrook gas war in September, when prices were just over three dollars a gallon.

As of Friday night, Sal’s Gas had one of the lowest prices in the state: $2.07 a gallon.

Just last week, Sal’s dropped the price by 20 cents in one day as kind of a holiday gift. Word has gotten out and the extra business has made everybody a winner.

“We do up to 13,000 gallons a day so it’s more profit actually for us, no matter what the price is,” Charbel Succar says. “Four times the amount of business.”

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Across South Franklin Street, EJ Gas is trying to keep pace, charging only two cents higher. Business there is also brisk. The price drop means extra spending money for customers.

“It used to be sixty bucks to fill my tank, now it’s like under thirty, so it’s great,” one customer said.

“It gives me a little money to spend elsewhere, pay the bills,” another customer said.

“I got like three quarters of a tank for twenty bucks, it’s like awesome,” a woman said.

The owner says it’s nice when the customers smile instead of grumble.

“Very, very happy they appreciate the business and we appreciate the people in town,” owner Sal Succar says.

Succar says his prices could drop under two dollars a gallon next week.


Jim Smith


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