BOSTON (CBS) – How much do you value experience?

I suppose it depends on what the job is. Sometimes a rookie can win the big game, or a college kid can dream up the next big tech thing.

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Also, snow shoveling can be mastered quickly.

But for other tasks, you might prefer someone with some snow on the roof, or at least multiple laps around the track. Like a surgeon, a dentist, a defense lawyer.

And the person who’s going to run your government.

Just a guess, but I bet you there won’t be anybody with dew still on their resume topping the presidential tickets in 2016.  Not after the experience of the last 14 years.

George W. Bush had been governor of Texas, true, but he often struggled to show expert leadership skills. President Obama, more of the same.

Both of them proved they could hit a political fastball when they ran; both struck out on nasty policy curve balls once they got in.

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As much as voters liked Gov. Patrick, the man, Patrick the governor’s inexperience led directly to serious managerial blunders. That’s a big reason why voters this year turned to a candidate with, on paper at least, much better preparation for the job, even if he did have the scarlet “R” next to his name.

So if the major-party nominees in two years are Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, will the electorate gag at the sight of all that age and experience?

Maybe some grossed-out millenials will.

But after reading about the appalling Secret Service practice of letting 20-something walk-ons with no security training drive vans in the presidential motorcade, and reflecting back on our long run of dubious managerial decisions by green political elites, I bet most folks will be fine with two veteran pitchers.

Protecting our president’s safety – and our civic health – are the sort of jobs that should be reserved for someone with a clue.

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Jon Keller