By Kathryn Hauser, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – “L-O-L” might as well mean ‘lots of luck’ when it comes to figuring out a teenager’s text messages.

Secret codes are becoming more complex, and more crude. It’s a challenge for parents to figure out which codes are just shortcuts, and which are potentially harmful.

Online safety consultant Katie Greer said parents need to make themselves aware of the meaning behind these codes.

Greer explained many of the codes can be about “Asking for sex, asking for naked pictures.” They also are ways to secretly indicate if a parent is in the room.

Leslie Sorrels, her 11-year old, and Caroline Richardson, a 19-year old neighbor all looked a list of some of the more current codes.

Sorrels wasn’t surprised she couldn’t decipher many of them. “The parents don’t know what they mean, so if they see it in a text, they’re not going to know what it is, which is the purpose.”

Some of the terms that baffled Sorrels:

  • TDTM or talk dirty to me
  • 53X which stands for sex
  • 8 which is code for oral sex
  • IPN or I am posting naked
  • GNOC which means get naked on camera

“It’s kind of scary,” said Sorrels. “This is stuff they shouldn’t be putting in social media for sure.”

Much of the terminology was also new to Richards. She said no one has ever sent her any of these acronyms. Because this type of language changes so rapidly, Greer said it is important for parents to check in every day.

Here is a list of sexting abbreviations, according to

  • 8-Oral Sex
  • 143-I Love You
  • cu46-See You For Sex
  • GNOC-Get Naked On Camera
  • GYPO-Get Your Pants Off
  • GNRN-Get Naked Right Now
  • IWS-I Want Sex
  • TDTM -Talk Dirty To Me
  • S2R-Send To Receive
  • NIFOC-Naked In Front Of Computer
  • SorG-Straight or Gay?
  • PAW-Parents Are Watching
  • PIR-Parent In Room
  • POS-Parent Over Shoulder
  • YWS-You Want Sex
  • WYCM-Will You Call Me?
  • eRU18- Are You 18?


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