By Ken MacLeod, WBZ-TVBy Ken MacLeod

DRACUT (CBS) – Fired English teacher Robert Moulton left court Friday afternoon insisting famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz would come to his rescue.

“He wishes he could’ve defended Jesus,” Moulton says. “And I’m the closest thing to a Jesus.”

Moulton admits he forced quite the spectacle at Dracut High School Thursday, when he banged on the front door and demanded entry – triggering a brief lockdown.

Robert Moulton (WBZ-TV)

Robert Moulton (WBZ-TV)

The former teacher knew he would be arrested for violating the “no trespassing” restraining order lodged against him by school officials – who say he has a history of making threats.

Officers were summoned to the school and Moulton was cuffed and jailed. But he says it was an act of civil disobedience to call attention to his claim that he was wrongly fired.

“I’m doing this for the good people of Dracut,” says Moulton, “because they are in the dark about what happened.”

Two springs ago, Moulton got into trouble after reading one of his English classes a tribute he wrote to one of his heroes – music legend Bob Dylan. “The man is a genius,” says Moulton with a broad smile.

But vulgarity and profanity in the short story got him suspended. His bosses then demanded a detailed written lesson plan going forward – and when he refused – he was canned.

“That’s what we might end up coming down to here,” says Moulton, “free speech in the classroom.”

Just two days ago, though, an arbitrator upheld his dismissal. So Moulton decided to create a stir – hoping a town will rally behind his cause.

“I am a man of God,” he says. “I’m a man of truth. And I’m a man of justice. I think all will prevail.”

The veteran teacher with two Masters degrees was freed by a judge, on the promise he’ll stay away from all Dracut schools. Soft spoken – he is not – describing his teaching as ‘stellar’ and ‘revered.’ “I’m quite dynamic,” Moulton says. “This is not the time for false modesty.”

Indeed, he is pledging to sue all connected with his firing – including the school superintendent, his principal, and the teachers union – and he has written President Obama to intervene.


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