ROSLINDALE (CBS) — Forget what you think you know about Chinese takeout because at Seven Star Street Bistro in Roslindale, they’re changing the game.

“In some ways I feel like we’re trying to break the common mold of Chinese take out restaurant,” said Christopher Lin.

Christopher Lin grew up cooking in his father’s restaurant Seven Star Mandarin House in Newton Center. Then as an adult, he moved to California to attend culinary school. Now he’s putting all that experience into every dish at Seven Star, serving many of the Chinese favorites you’re familiar with, all done better than you’ve ever had before.

“We might change around the ingredients a little bit. Or do little variations on them, but were not trying to reinvent the wheel,” Lin said. “We’re just trying to put out some of the classic dishes just really really high quality.”

So while you’ll still find ribs and rangoons and seafoods and stir-frys, they’re all done with a modern touch, and the best possible ingredients.

“One of the big things that I learned in California is how important you know quality ingredients are. Not that you can’t find great ingredients out here, but I wanted to make sure that every ingredient I put into our food is the best quality,” Lin said.

Since Seven Star Street Bistro is so small, and the food is so good, the woks are always firing as fast as possible, and loyal customers have quickly learned to accept that food this good might take a few more minutes, but it’s always worth the wait.

“We’re not a fast food restaurant,” Lin said. “We make everything to order, so the wait times can be pretty high at sometimes but the way i justify it is that we put care into what we do and we come out with an outstanding product.”

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