By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TVBy Kate Merrill

GLOUCESTER (CBS) – Daniel Roark is an avid scuba diver, who loves to get beneath the surface and explore.

Daniel says, “It’s just so peaceful when you are down there.”

But on a recent trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, it was a first for this seasoned diver.

Daniel says, “As we were swimming along, I saw a little shining out of the corner of my eye.”

Ring found by Daniel Roark in Mexico. (WBZ-TV)

Ring found by Daniel Roark in Mexico. (WBZ-TV)

A dirty ring nestled in the sand. In fact, once he cleaned it, he saw it was a man’s wedding ring, with a date 2/16/13. Also inscribed were the name “Jessica” and an abbreviation for the Spanish saying meaning “You and I against the world.”

Right then he knew he needed to find its owner, so he turned to Facebook.

He posted a picture and the story of what happened and within weeks, it took off. Right now it’s been shared a quarter of a million times. The post has spread to 100 countries and has been seen by tens of millions of people.

Daniel Roark (courtesy photo)

Daniel Roark (courtesy photo)

It is now a worldwide search, getting wider thanks to a massive team effort in the search for the mystery woman Jessica and her ring-less husband.

Daniel says, “I think it’s really cool to see how so many would go out of their way to reunite a ring with its owner.”

An owner he now hopes didn’t actually leave the ring in the Caribbean Sea on purpose.

Daniel says, “I’m hoping it wasn’t some angry spouse who tossed it into the ocean, saying this marriage is over!”


Kate Merrill


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