BOSTON (CBS) – A Carlisle man was arrested at Logan Airport after he allegedly smashed his large backpack into the face of a 74-year-old female security worker Tuesday morning.

According to State Police, 53-year-old Eric Brandhorst knocked the woman to the ground at the United Airlines entrance to the TSA checkpoint in Terminal B after she informed him that his bag was too big to take onto his flight.

A trooper patrolling the terminal subdued Brandhorst moments after the alleged attack.

State Police say Brandhorst, who was scheduled to fly to Denver, said he was “aggravated” and had “made mistake.”

Brandhorst was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person age 60 or older.

The victim was transported to Mass General Hospital for bruising on her face and hip, knee and shoulder injuries.


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  1. Backpacks should be banned. How often have you had someone turn around, seemingly oblivious to the size of the backpack, and smack you? Especially as they board planes in the narrow aisles.

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