BOSTON (CBS) – The Patriots brought back a familiar face in LeGarrette Blount on Thursday after signing the running back to a two-year deal. Blount apparently wore out his welcome in Pittsburgh and was cut earlier in the week by the Steelers.

Former Patriots linebacker and NFL veteran Rosevelt Colvin is a big fan of the signing for three reasons.

1. Patriots needed depth at the position

“You needed depth. You lost Stevan Ridley earlier in the season, and this [Jonas] Gray kid has stepped in and done a tremendous job. [Running game] has really catapulted Tom Brady and allows him to get back to who he is. Josh McDaniels’ offense is predicated on getting defenses in a bind. So when you face a team with a good pass rush and can run the ball successfully, you can get those wide receivers behind the linebackers and the secondary of the defense. The running game helps create gaps and voids, and that’s how the Blount signing helps on the field. It gives the Patriots another playmaking running back. We all saw what he did last year in the playoffs.”

2. It prevented Denver from getting him

“The team you’re jockeying in the AFC for is the Denver Broncos — they are in a mud of issues when it comes to their running game. So any running back out there with a decent skill set, Peyton Manning can put him in the right position, line him up and be successful. If you give a running game to Peyton Manning it’s the same thing with Tom Brady, it’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to opposing defenses. So the Patriots took one guy off the table for Denver that could have helped them. It makes Denver lefthanded where they have to throw the ball, throw the ball and throw the ball. Nobody believes they can run the ball now.”

His first two reasons have been discussed in the 24 hours since the signing, but the third and final reason stands out above the rest and is maybe something you haven’t considered yet.

3. The offseason has already begun

“If you sign LeGarrette Blount to a two-year deal, your offseason already started. Now you don’t have to worry about possibly finding a running back in the draft or have to sign a running back in free agency. Now you can focus your attention on a couple other areas, like offensive line or going to get another linebacker in the draft, etc. Hats off to Bill and the front office. I know it doesn’t look like anything now, but making moves before people make moves and playing that chess game is very crucial to being successful in the NFL.”

Listen below to the full conversation!

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