By Katie Brace, WBZ-TVBy Katie Brace

HAMPTON, NH (CBS) – A rodent went on a rampage in Hampton, New Hampshire Tuesday morning.

Gary McGrath said he was in the backyard of his home on Little River Road when “a furry little fuzzball” came after him.

The fuzzball, also called a groundhog or woodchuck, ran up to McGrath’s foot. He said he give it a light tap. It ran after him again and he kicked it again.

McGrath, a woodworker, said he went into the garage and the rodent went in the front of the building and chased after him again. The groundhog then ran after McGrath as he went to his house. McGrath captured several pictures of the animal trying to claw through the front glass door.

The groundhog that chased Gary McGrath. (Photo credit: Gary McGrath)

The groundhog that chased Gary McGrath. (Photo credit: Gary McGrath)

What he found out later is the groundhog paid his neighbor a visit a few hours earlier.

Kevin Bowersox was getting ready for work when he saw the animal chasing his 105-pound Sheepdog in the backyard.

Bowersox says he went out to quiet the dog and the groundhog chased him into the house and then ran after the dog again. He said at the time he thought Murphy, the dog, had disturbed the animal.

Groundhog that went on the attack in Hampton, NH. (Photo credit Gary McGrath)

Groundhog that went on the attack in Hampton, NH. (Photo credit: Gary McGrath)

McGrath said he has no doubt the groundhog was rabid.

He called animal control and they took care of the animal.

“I was very fortunate that when he first came up to me, he didn’t grab me,” said McGrath. “I’m glad I saw him.”

Since no one was hurt, McGrath said his friends are making sure he doesn’t live this tale down for a while.

“How much wood would a woodworker chuck if a woodchuck would chuck a woodworker?” he joked.

The neighbors haven’t seen any other animals that appear rabid, but they are keeping an eye out just in case.
Both men said they haven’t seen other animals behaving strangely, but they will now be more cautious.


Katie Brace

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