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BOSTON (CBS) — It’s been more than a decade since the TSA was created, bringing new security rules for flights. But some people still are not getting the message. The TSA says that this year alone, its agents have found and recovered 1,855 handguns in carry-on bags — nearly 80 percent more than last year — and 1,471 of them were loaded.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager got an exclusive look at some of the items TSA agents have confiscated, many of which were not firearms. And even if some of these items, such as toy guns, weren’t deemed dangerous, they do slow up the lines at the checkpoints significantly which is why the TSA wants to get the word out before the busy holiday travel season begins.

A lipstick tube that conceals a blade inside, a credit card that folds into a knife, a fake iPhone with a knife that slides out.

These are just a few of the items TSA confiscated from passengers’ carry-on bags at Logan Airport this year.

A lipstick-turned-knife confiscated by the TSA (WBZ-TV)

A lipstick-turned-knife confiscated by the TSA (WBZ-TV)

“There’s not much that surprises me anymore,” says TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy.”It’s mostly just passengers who may not have been aware of what’s allowed in their luggage.”

According to TSA, a record-breaking 1,855 firearms have been taken from carry-ons nationwide in the last 10 months, and 79 percent were loaded.

At the top of the list: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport with more than 100 guns confiscated. At Logan, the number of guns is much lower, with just six, but that’s as many as in all of last year.

TNT cologne confiscated by the TSA (WBZ-TV)

TNT cologne confiscated by the TSA (WBZ-TV)

TSA officials say it slows down the lines, and makes it more difficult for everyone to get through.

“We’re trying to just remind passengers, please leave these items out of your carry on luggage, and know what’s in your luggage before you show up at the checkpoint,” McCarthy said.

To be clear, many of these items are legal to travel with as long as they are checked. If you’re licensed to carry a gun legally, it has to be in a hard case not loaded and checked, otherwise you could face fines as high as $11,000.

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