BOSTON (CBS) – Centuries from now there will still be barbershop debates about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, and which quarterback ranks higher on the all time list.

For 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti, that debate has been over for some time. To them, Brady is the better quarterback — if only by a fraction of a percentage point, because Manning’s performances in the big games knocks him down a peg or two.

One area where Peyton Manning crushes Tom Brady is persona and off-field image.

Felger & Mazz feel like Peyton Manning appeals to the wider audience, whereas Tom Brady can come off as elitist.

This favoritism, they believe, seeps into the analysis of the two players. People are much more willing to forgive (or forget altogether) Manning’s bad performances because of his funny commercials.

Listen below to the full discussion!


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